Robert Ganz

By Lori Schroeder |

An email sent to the Royal Canadian Mint…
“I have been overwhelmed with positive feedback from people that have seen it on YouTube.(Video of Robert Ganz for the Royal Canadian Mint, Ottawa, Ontario). Lori and Garry made me look GOOD! Comments have been like: “Rob you were great and whoever did the video was awesome!” or simply “Fantastic video…it should be on TV!” The feedback has been so thoroughly positive and glowing, and not just from friends and family but from people that they have forwarded it on to. I just wanted to say thanks and to let you know that the video capture, editing and everything was simply top-notch and Lori and Garry were so professional and made me feel so at ease (I really am rather shy). I believe that feedback is important (both positive and negative) and all too often the positive does not get the focus it deserves. Thank you so much, I will cherish the experience forever!”

Winner of the 2011 Canadian Geographic Wildlife Photograph of the Year –