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Compelling Brand Story Telling

Compelling Brand Storytelling

Our video production services bring your brand's story to life, captivating your audience and forging emotional connections. Through powerful narratives and visual storytelling, we help you stand out from the competition and leave a lasting impact.

  • For more than a year, we have relied on Lori's expert guidance and steady hand to assist in producing and editing our corporate quarterly videos. She always finds way to improve the story and connect with our audience while delivering on time and meeting our budget goals.

    - Director of Communications
    Perley Health
    Jay Innes

Visually Stunning Cinematography

We have a passion for cinematography, and it shows in the stunning visuals we create. Our team expertly crafts every frame, ensuring the perfect blend of aesthetics and storytelling, resulting in visually captivating videos that engage and inspire.


Lori is a superb video editor who has the most precious of all attributes: the ability to work independently, problem-solve on her own, and create powerful videos. The work she has done for HyperActive is extraordinary, and one particularly poignant cut of a sensitive, emotional interview with a Quebec farmer has been viewed and shared over a million times. Lori is also very polished in her client relations skills, and is a positive, compassionate, and lively person.

- Owner/VP Creative and Strategic Services
HyperActive Production Inc
Michael Hicks


Tailored Solutions for Every Project

We understand that each project is unique, and we tailor our approach to meet your specific needs. From commercials to documentaries, corporate videos to music videos, we have the expertise and versatility to deliver outstanding results that align with your vision.

“I have gotten nothing but the highest praise from everyone on the ‘Put ’em Up” (music) video…AJ and all the people at bass line (Neighbourhood Pub) that I saw the other day were floored…everyone who has given me fed back my parents, friends, relatives are very impressed with the quality and flow and edits and lighting and everything…it couldn’t have turned out any better…you have been an invaluable member of the team xoxo.”

- Singer/Songwriter –
Ty Hall

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