A Glossary Of Video Production Terms

By Islandmoss Productions |

Corporate Video Production

As there are specific processes, products, tools, services, and more in every industry, they each have their own unique language and termsThese industry-specific words and phrases can be confusing to those who are not part of the daily operations of a specific field of business, and the video production industry is no different.

To help you understand the terms, acronyms, and phrases regularly used when filming and editing videos, Islandmoss Productions has created this handy reference guide. Here you’ll find valuable information allowing you to comprehend and communicate your video requirements effectively.

Close up shot (CU)
This is a camera shot taken from a close distance. There is usually very little distance between the subject, which could be a single object or a part of an actor’s body. This is to make the audience focus on a single item.

Medium shot (MS)
This is a camera shot filmed from a medium-length distance. It typically captures actors from the waist up, while a medium close-up is from the chest up.

Establishing shot
This shows a location from a distance and specifies where the action is located and the time of day. It also displays how many people are in the scene. It helps to orient the viewer, so they know where the next scene takes place.

Point of view (POV)
This is a shot taken from the perspective of one character to show what the scene would look like through his or her eyes. It is generally coupled with a reaction shot to establish the point of view.

Voice-over narration (V/O narration)
This is an off-screen voice that tells the story or the supplementary information of the film or video.

This is the group of individuals involved with the technical aspect of filming. It does not refer to the performers.

This is the planning stage of production before any scriptwriting or filming. It usually involves scheduling, casting, script treatment, and financial planning.

This is the technical process, such as editing. It is done after all of the elements of the production have been completed.

Shot list
This is a list provided to the camera crew before shooting begins. It describes all of the shots the director wants to get that day.

Stock footage
This is previously-recorded footage of shots such as cities or travelogue. It can also be footage of historical events that have been archived.

These are the printed lines of text displayed at the bottom of the screen, translating what a person is saying. For example, the person in the film may be speaking Spanish, but the subtitles are in English.

Background music
This is the score or music heard in the background of a scene. Generally, this music helps set the tone or mood of the scene.

Cutaway shot
This is a shot that temporarily cuts between a continuously-filmed sequence. This is done by inserting another person, object, or action into the scene.

This is a small microphone that is clipped or taped to an actor to record their voice. It is generally wireless and small enough not to be seen in the shot.

Lip sync
This is the process of synchronizing the movement of the mouth with the words on the soundtrack.

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