Common Mistakes People Make When Creating a Marketing Video

By Islandmoss Productions |

Corporate Video Production

Concept development, scripting and storyboarding are just some of the key ingredients that go into making a video. If you’re looking to shoot a professional video, then a production company can help create high-quality footage.

A production company will identify talent, scout for the perfect location and organize crew production to execute a top-notch corporate video or documentary. However, most people think that hiring an expert will be expensive, and a video can be made in-house using a smartphone. This school of thought is a mistake, as a poorly shot video will harm your image.

To help you avoid basic errors like these, that could prove to be costly, Islandmoss Productions has put together a list of the most common mistakes people make when making a marketing video.

1. Not planning the video production properly.

When you produce a video with no planning involved you set yourself up to fail. Many people believe that constructing a compelling video is easy to accomplish, or that putting an amateurish video on a social media platform will be okay. However, it can backfire, as people may wonder if the video reflects the quality of the company’s product or its commitment to clients.

Producing a high-quality video takes the same kind of planning and research you would carry out for any other type of marketing campaign, so keep this in mind.

2. Not branding your video effectively.

If you don’t brand your video effectively, you have defeated the purpose of your video. Everyone loves to talk about funny or crazy videos that they have seen, but when asked what they were selling or even the company’s name, they can’t remember.

Many times we get so wrapped up in the making of the video that we forget its original purpose. You need to make sure that it communicates the benefits of your business. Your company logo, website URL and any other piece of your company identity should be visible in the video, and the message or product you want to promote.

3. Making long videos that do not create engagement.

These days, attention spans have become shorter, so making a long video may end up losing viewers and not create engagement. Research has found that if you’re not engaged in a video within the first ten seconds of watching it, you will click away to something else. Plus, the more time you add to a video, the less likely people will watch it through to the end.

Thirty seconds to two minutes is the realistic length that you should be thinking about for your video. Your video should start with a strong theme and then follow up with supporting details.

4. Not focusing your video on a single message.

If you’re trying to cram too many things into a video, especially when you’re trying to keep the length of it short, you’re going to lose your audience, and they will go away wondering what it was all about. Find one topic or product you want to talk about and keep the video focused on that. You may want to talk about the company’s history, great employees, or rewards programs. The key is to leave your viewers feeling engaged with one message.

5. Choosing the wrong partner or producer for your video.

Many production companies claim they’re the best but often cannot deliver on their early promises. Hiring the wrong partner or producer that does not know your industry well or is not taking the time to learn what your company is about, will not be able to produce favorable results.

It’s vital to check out the history of the production company and their track record. Ask many questions to find out if they will be a good fit. Enquire how they can help you create the message you need and if they can work within your budget.

To avoid the above mistakes, reach out to the experts at Islandmoss Productions, a leading video production company, based in Ottawa. We are renowned for our ability to create corporate films, documentaries, and music based videos. You will have fun working with us to produce a video that is engaging and reflects the values of your business. Our services are available to clients across Ottawa, Kingston, Brockville, Perth, and the surrounding areas.

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