What Makes Islandmoss Productions Stand Out

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Corporate Video Production

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About Islandmoss Productions

Islandmoss Productions specializes in video production. As a home-based business, there are no overheads like leasing an office, which helps keep service costs low. Islandmoss Productions operates from Monday to Friday, nine to five, and accommodates all production schedules.

In 1993, I launched my business and began operations across the Greater Ottawa region. Today, Islandmoss Productions has flourished but it is always in a state of growth, staying current with the latest technologies and trends. I also pride myself in hiring highly qualified contractors for projects which keeps my standard of productions high.

Islandmoss Productions is kept busy throughout the year but there are times that can be quieter and extremely busy. Tax time for example, or as we in the business call “March Madness” is always exceptionally busy.

The Islandmoss Productions Difference

One aspect that makes my company second to none is the professionalism it offers, and the expertise of the regular contractors hired. The primary strengths we possess is our commitment to excellence and delivering a product that exceeds the expectations of clients. Also, being able to provide a production on time and within budgets, makes clients love us even more.

Islandmoss Productions is a small business; therefore, your project can be given personal attention and the time required to find out what your video needs are. Also, because of the lack of huge overheads, our rates are incredibly competitive.

My most significant achievement has been the honor of being a part of a team that received several awards that dealt with video productions in Museums. It was a North American competition called the Muse Awards.

With every job, there is something new to learn and see, so I seek that excitement and wonder in every project that I do. All of my clients are amazing, Not only because I get the pleasure of helping them in their business or marketing, but the learning experiences for me are tremendous.

My dream for the future is to continue making great videos and videos that make an impact on the viewers. My passion is to create videos that touch a person's heart and opens their mind to other possibilities and views.

I also believe in giving back to society, and as part of that belief, I have volunteered my expertise in making videos for charitable organizations and also artists who need a helping hand. 

To learn more about all that Islandmoss Productions can do for you, please click here. If you have any questions I’d love to hear from you. Please contact us here.