My Philosophy

My formative years were spent on Vancouver Island. Walking along the beach or hiking through the forest helped bring out a creative side of me. I began to see the world through sights and sounds, from the way the light filtered through the canopy of trees, to the mesmerizing rhythm of the waves and the sheer beauty of nature. These years unleashed a symphony of movement into my life. There is no judgement in nature. There was no judgement in my world growing up. My parents and educators allowed me to explore this creativity and I was drawn to tell stories through video. Since I was part of a military family, we relocated throughout my childhood. As a result I was able to see a lot of the country and I learned to make new friends easily and to adapt to new environments.

Since creating my company, Islandmoss Productions, I’ve found that all of the travelling with my family has been a big help in my work. It has given me the ability to get myself quickly inside the other person’s world, understand and feel where they’re coming from and talk in a language that doesn’t threaten but comforts and helps them to forget the camera.

As I mature, I find myself wanting to tell stories. Like Annie Libovitz or Yousef Karsh with still photography, showing the gentle soul of a person is my ultimate goal. Finding that spark inside each one of us exhilarates me. I am so thankful that people allow me to share their memories, their stories, their passions and their dreams with others. 

To live your passion is special and I thank everyone who has helped me achieve this over the years.

Lori J. Schroeder