Community – Let your business and achievements reach a larger audience

Remember when everyone knew who their neighbours were? Remember how you looked out for each other and supported each other? There are so many stories in our community that should be told. Like art, a business is created to share your passion with others and make a living doing it. Create a video to show on your website, YouTube, email or in your store that tells your history, your dreams and your experience. Let your personality shine and share what you do and the passion you have for it. Help your neighbours to grow closer through sharing and caring for one another. Perhaps you are a volunteer or an organizer for a charity and you have dedicated part of your life to helping others. Share these experiences and get others involved. I would like to tell your story – for others in the community to see, to inspire them to create their own identity in the community or to help others. Through video and the power of the internet people can “meet” you and feel comfortable with you before they see you “face to face”. It’s time to celebrate what’s great in our city. Bring back community to your life